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Saturday November 5

Personal Property 9:30AM

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(BUYER Agents Welcome 5% Commission)

Note! This property will have a clear marketable title, no liens, no back taxes at closing. We do NOT sell encumbered Properties!)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a home and horse farm just 7 miles to Beaver Stadium at Penn State?  View Map to Old Main at Penn State 

Imagine what it would feel like to be able to live minutes away from Penn State in a 1,362 sq ft home featuring 2 story 4 bedroom 1 bath home with garage and room for apartment above, 3 stable horse barn and a second large barn for many more on 7 Acres.
Did you ever imagine owning a home or horse farm near Penn State, yet offering the serenity of the countryside?  Did you ever think of developing 7 acres in Centre County? 
Look no further! This distinct property is being sold.
Seldom are genuine opportunities like this where a home of this quality becomes available for living in the central Pennsylvania area that will ever reach the market.
Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to purchase this home on a Saturday at 12 Noon this fall (date to be determined).
View by appointment only.
Property disclosures will be made available upon request.
Terms & Conditions – Winning bidder will have the choice to make a 15K down-payment by Personal Check, Certified Funds or cash on the day of sale.
Closing within 60 days.

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Q. Can I have a mortgage?
A. Certainly! Contact a lender, see who offers the lowest rates, lowest or no points and no closing costs, no origination fees, etc. Tell the lender you are looking to buy this property where you put down 10K that is held in escrow till closing, asking what amount you qualify to borrow for a mortgage. This way you can come to the sale knowing what you can afford to make the purchase.

  1. Can I have a home inspection or survey?
    A. Absolutely! Contact Ss to schedule before you bid.
  2. So what is the difference between the way you sell real estate and traditional private treat sale?
    A. The difference is the way the final price is realized. We do not deal in speculation of value but rather the true market value. Very simple, straightforward forward, easy to understand, and a clean transaction. There are no contingencies of a person wanting this, that, or the next thing from the Seller. It is not a matter of one offer from a buyer with one thing and another offer from another buyer with the next thing, but rather, a level playing field for everyone who chooses to purchase this home. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand, and more importantly a level playing field for everyone in the purchasing process. Unlike the problems of multiple offers that comes with traditional real estate (Private Treaty) sales methods where offers are private, the auction method is not private and is always honest, forthright and fair for all who wish to bid. At Auction, Real estate never sells for below or above market value, but rather for true market value. There are no speculated values to guess what a “list price” should be for a property.  Just because one home that has the same neighborhood, has similar square feet, size lot, number of bedrooms, baths, etc. sold for one price doesn’t mean another should.  Further, who is to say that the “comparable” properties are not made up of people who paid too little or too much for a home?  True market value is always realized at auction.

  3. Any suggestions of websites where I can find real estate information that is accurate and the best place to find a mortgage?
    A. Do NOT use Zillow or Trulia – They are one and the same (Zillow purchased Trulia) & both of these websites exist to sell your information to Realtors & Lenders. They do not publish accurate information about listings and do everything to entice you to give up your information to be sold.
    Unlike Zillow, Trulia & other websites, we RESPECT your privacy and NEVER sell or divulge your information! We welcome questions – Contact us!

The website House Canary has accurate information and is used by home appraisers to get the data to do their appraisals.

At True Blue Auctions,  YOU can Sell, Bid and Buy with confidence!  Our website is safe and secure with the highest security and encryption standards available and is insured.

We Work For Our Clients and Customers Best Interests By Welcoming Payment with Credit Cards, Absentee, Internet & Phone Bidding!
*Embracing & using technology to the fullest potential only makes sense for both our clients and customers


“No right is held more sacred, or is more carefully guarded, by the common law, than the right of every individual to the possession and control of his own person, free from all restraint or interference of others, unless by clear and unquestionable authority of law” Union Pacific R. Co. v. Botsford, 141 U.S. 250, 251 (1891)

The sanctity, and individual privacy, of the human body is obviously fundamental to liberty, “Every violation of a person’s bodily integrity is an invasion of his or her liberty” Washington v. Harper, 494 U.S. (1990).

We ask that as each person exercises their Constitutionally Protected Rights to wear or NOT wear a mask and that each RESPECT the choice of the other.

True Blue Auctions Is Your Resource For The Highest Quality Auction Services Conducting Auctions On-Site, Online But Never On Sunday!
For More Info. Call 844-BID-CALL

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tEntire Contents of Home, Garage & Barns Will Be Sold!


*Note – Items may not make it to catalog…. 

*Order of sale will NOT be numerical but will be random as items are brought to the block…

Unable to Attend The Auction?  NO PROBLEM!  We NEVER Restrict Participation!  

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LOT#  Description

1 Universal # 2 Grinder
2 Unmarked Irons
3 Two Spittoons
4 Two Spittoons
5 Oil Lamp with Globe
6 Vintage Vanity Wall Mirror with Comb Piece Attache
7 4 Framed Pictures – 2 Floral & 2 Inspirational
8 3 Framed Country Scene Pictures
9 3 Framed Pictures – Vintage Boy & Girl and 1 Paris
10 Framed Signed Floral Painting
11 Two Framed Pictures – Floral Settings
12 Two Hard Board Prints – Seascape & Country
13 Black Velvet Painting of House & Windmill
14 3 Framed Prints Large Barn on Hardboard – Other Tw
15 Round Wall Mirror & 2 Religious Pictures Framed
16 Framed Local Artist Painting Josane Zemka (Clearfi
17 Framed Mirror with Bird Design
18 Classical Music Collection – 33LP, A
19 Lamp with Shade for End Table
20 36 Cassette Tapes & 2 CD’s (Many New in Original S
21 Small Glass with Shade Lights
22 Candle Sconces & 2 Wall
23 Antique Rug Beater
24 Lantern with Amber Globe & Prize Ribbon
25 Uniden Phone Answering Machine & Accessories
26 Box Fan
27 Variety of Items – Backpack, Satchel, Gym Bag
28 2 Roasters, Aluminum Kettle & Baking Sheet
29 Variety of Items – Cookware, Bakeware & Enamel Tra
30 2 Small Crocks & Vintage Ceramic & Covered Dishes
31 Household Supplies Bags, Light Bulbs, Organizers &
32 Home Décor – Wash Board, Bucket, Toss Pillow & Mor
33 Collector Plate Series from Russia – 12 Plates
34 Antique Glass Lamp with Shade
35 5 Mixed Pictures with Frames – Swans, Silhouettes
36 Brass & Cast Metal Cannon
37 Variety of Items – Home Décor & More
38 Vintage Stool, Cedar Clock & Pen Set, Wall Clock
39 Wicker Baskets – Variety
40 Holmes Reversable Window Fan
41 Aloha Breeze Tall Fan
42 Magnavox Portable Air Conditioner with Remote
43 Wooden & Aluminum Cane
44 Pick Shaped Cane & 4 Foot Aluminum Cane
45 Adjustable Aluminum Cane & Walker
46 Box of Various Flatware & Drawer & Organizer
47 Assorted Kitchen Utensils
48 Vintage Glassware & Plastic Drinkware
49 Assorted Cups & Mugs
50 Assorted Glassware – Cookie Jars, Candleholder wit
51 State College Creamery Milk Can
52 Vintage Oil Lamp & Cast Iron Wall Mount & More
53 66 DVD’s (Some New)
54 36 VCR Tapes
55 32 VCR Tapes
56 Children’s Entertainment
57 Crochet Periodicals
58 Quilting Periodicals
59 Craft Periodicals
60 Needlework/Cross Stich/Patterns & Books
61 Kitchen Plastic Storage
62 Large Rival Crock Pot
63 Small Rival Crock Pot
64 Oster Bread Maker
65 Singer Juice Giant
66 Brita Pitcher & 4 Slice Toaster
67 Cleaning Supplies Household
68 Personal Care – Hair Dryer, Lotions, Hand Mirror &
69 Sharp Carousel Microware
70 Kitchen Cooking Wares
71 Cast Iron – Vintage Irons, Door Knocker, Oil Lamp
72 Cast Iron Trivets & Ceramic Insulators
73 Metal Home Décor Items
74 Variety of Items – Asian Hand Fan, Metal Belt, Lad
75 Scarves, Doilies, Hankies, Stockings, Baby Clothes
76 Various Wooden Wall Sconces
77 First Hess Truck Toy Bank, Painted Saw & Painted P
78 (17 Piece) Vintage Blue, White,Soffee Set & More
79 Bin of Lace Sheer Panels & Curtains
80 Small Clothes Drying Rack
81 Large Wooden Drying Rack
82 13 Glass Candleholders & Sconces
83 17 Sconce Glass Holders
84 32” Fiber Optic Tree
85 Holiday Wares
86 Tree Ornaments
87 Vintage Tree Ornaments
88 Holiday Décor
89 Holiday Wreath, Garland & Tree Stand
90 Vintage Crafted Holiday Items
91 Holiday Electric Light Strands & Replacement Bulbs
92 Holiday Variety with Some Vintage Items
93 Holiday Cards
94 Holiday Gift Wrapping
95 12 Piece Visions Glass Cookware
96 Assorted Vases
97 Kitchen Wares – Can Opener, Electric Knives
98 Kitchen Wares – Popcorn Maker, Filtered Pitcher
99 B & D Rice Cooker
100 B & D Steamer
101 Kitchen Flatware & Drawer Organizer
102 Various Glassware (Some Vintage)
103 Fenton Cobalt Covered Candy Dish
104 Vintage Depression Era Glassware Variety
105 Bathroom Accessories & Candles
106 Vintage Lustre Ware Pieces
107 Maurice of California USA
108 Hat Box with Quilted Panels and Fabric Pieces
109 Silk Cotton Fabrics, Pieces & Patterns
110 Fabric Pieces
111 Bedspreads & Sheets
112 Chenille Bedspread, Sheets & More
113 Blankets
114 Sheets & Blankets
115 Bathmats, Towels & Curtains
116 Fabric Scraps, Serving & Craft Items
117 Baskets & Over the Door Hanger
118 Vintage Crochet Books
119 Vintage Crochet Books (Doilies, Afghans, etc)
120 Quilters Magazines
121 Crochet Magazines
122 Quilting Magazines
123 2 Fire Extinguishers
124 Assorted Hand Tools, Hardware, Utility Drawer
125 Assorted Kitchen Glassware/Bakeware
126 Assorted Kitchen Linnens
127 Assorted Bath Mats & Rugs
128 Two Small Berber Back Area Rugs
129 Assorted Bedding
130 Panasonic Sterio System
131 Electric Fan on Stand
132 Floor Lamp with Shade
133 Decorative Lamp with Shade
134 2 Wood Lamps with Metal Base & Sahdes
135 White Ceramic Lamp with Shade
136 Lamp with Shade
137 Round Ottoman
138 Wood Magazine Rack
139 Workspace Floor Lamp
140 Holmes Fan on Stand
141 Folding Cot with 2 Mattresses
142 Vintage State College Bakery Wooden Canister
143 Box of Hangers – Shirt, Pants & Coat
144 Queen Size Reversable Filled Comforter
145 6’5″ Boxed Holiday Tree(pre-lit)
146 Pfaltzgraff, Redware & Brown Drip Pfaltzgraff Brow
147 Paris Items (Beret, Thimbles, Pendant, Pen & Bell)
148 Stained Glass Stained Glass (Cross, Heart, Angel B
149 Nuwave Infa Red Cooking System with Carying Bag Nu
150 Pears Teapot Porcelier USA Pears Teapot Porcelier
151 Misc. Baking & Cooking Items (Vintage) Misc. Bakin
152 The Enterprise Aluminum Co. Dripolator Coffee Pot
153 Lead Crystal & Cobalt Blue,Hen on Nest Lead Crysta
154 Bag of Stuffed Beanie Animals Bag of Stuffed Beani
155 Box of Framed Prints & Picture Frames Box of Frame
156 Misc Baskets Misc Baskets
157 Poodle Books, Dog Clippers & Grooming Accessories
158 Outdoot Decor – Wicker, Shells, Baskets & Flowers
159 Box of Printes (Vintage) and Plaques
160 Box of Dictonaries, Office Books
161 Bibles & Spiritual Books
162 Pop Fiction – Roberts, Patterson & Clark
163 Cooking Magazines & Cookbooks
164 Cookbooks
165 Self-Help Books
166 Misc Fiction
167 Boating Books
168 Vintage Oil Lamp, Barometers & Saltrock
169 Organizer Carry All, Shelf, Candle Pedistal & More
170 Candles & Accessories
171 Linens – Double Bed Spread, Blanket & Rug
172 Double Bed Linens, Curtains & Pillows
173 Double Bed Linens, Electric Blanket, Sheets & More
174 Baseket, Blanket, Thermous & PSU Cups
175 Tote – Medium Womens Clothing
176 Variety of Womens Clothing
177 Double Bed Linnens
178 1 Box Laminate Wild Cherry Flooring 21.5 Sq.Ft..
179 Gardening – Planter, Sprinkler & Watering Can
180 3 Sleeping Bags
181 Double Bed Linnens – Chenille Bed Spreads
182 3 Wheel Walker with Braks
183 Vintage Pitcher, Oil Lamps wiht Cast Iron Holders
184 Lawn Chair, Beach Umbrella & Cooler
185 Religious/Spiritual Books
186 Oil Lamps & Glass Canisters
187 Office Supplies, Stationary, Staples & Tape
188 Magazines – Home, Southern Living, Family Circle
189 Chamber Pot, Gravy Boat & Plate
190 Twin & Queen Air Beds & Canopy
191 Mason | Atlas | Ball 24qt Canning Jars
192 Mason | Atlas | Ball 48pt Canning Jars
193 Mason | Atlas Jelly Jars (22)
194 Mason | Atlas28pt Canning Jars
200 Wilton Swivel Vase Jaw Width 5: with Opening 8″
201 Grizzly 6″ Bench Grinder
202 Vintage 40: Bow Saw
203 Rigid No 1 & 2 Pipe Cutter with Various Clamps
204 Large Quantity of Drill Bits Wood, Metal & Masonry
205 Vintage Wooden Plier Type Tool & Drawsaw/Knife
206 48″ Johnson Drywall T-Square & 26″ Aluminum Level
207 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Foot Foldup Foot Pegs
208 Hand & Hack Saws, Extra Blades
209 Axe, Axe/Pick Heads, Crow Bars & Wedges
210 Pulley Parts/Belt, Etc
211 Jepson Grinder, Rockwell Sander & Craftsman Driver
212 Thermostat & Various Electrical Cable Items
213 Construction Masonry, Woodworking, Caulking Items
214 Car Dress Up/Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies
215 Mixed Tools – Files, Wrenches, Hammer & Stapler
216 Mixed Hardware – Tacks, Nails, Hooks, Organizer
217 Cabinet Hardware, Bucket of Screws & Nails
218 Hardware Bucket of Lag & Carriage & Deadbolts
219 Bath & Plumbing – Toilet Seat, PVC Parts & Lines
220 2 Wheel Dolly with Converts to 4 Wheel Cart
221 4 Wheel Cart with Converts to 2 Wheel Dolly
222 Wagner Paint Mate Kit (New in Box)
223 Projector Screen
224 3 Drawer Tool Box Cabinet
225 Werner 16′ Alluminum Extension Ladder
226 Air Compressor 200 PSI – 10 Year Tough Tank
227 16′ Aluminum Ladder
228 Aurora Gold Male
229 Rack (Bakers/Garden)
230 36″ 5 Shelf Metal Rack
231 36″ 5 Shelf Metal Rack
232 36″ 6 Shelf Metal Rack
233 36″ 5 Shelf Metal Rack – Deep Shelf
234 Appliance Dolly
235 Outdoor Garden Tools Rake, Shovel, Spade & Sickle
236 Shovels – Metal Snow, Plastic & Garden Spade
237 Tools – Pitch Fork, Rake, Shovel, Grass Shear
238 Axe, Maul & Double Edge Axe
239 New Toilet Bowl Auger by Rigid Home Depot
240 Exercise Wares – Toner, Balls, Ski Poles & More
241 Coleman Small Cooler
242 Husqvarna 128CD Weed Eater
243 Custom Made File Rack with Files
244 Mechanics Creeper
245 Wooden Bucket with Crusher
246 Craftsman Electric Drill 1/3 HP & 6.0 Rechargable
247 Two Car Jack Stands
248 Shop Vac Ash Vacuum
249 Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler Service Manuals
250 Over the Sink Small Shelf
251 Drapery Rod 48″ to 86″ Original Package New
252 Small Shop Counter Table
253 Auto Wheel Ramps for Trucks & Cars
254 Engine Pulley
255 Antifreeze, Trans & Brake Fluids, Filters & Wax
256 Safety Reflectors, Pull Chains & Bottle Jack
257 Garage Equipment
258 Lawnmower Wheels, Blades & Weed Eater Accesories
259 Oil & RV Antifreeze
260 Wheel } Tire Chains
261 Custom Revolving Rack with Nuts & Bolts
262 Galvanized Pipe Clamp Oversized
263 Troybilt 210 TuffCut 21″ 6.75 HP Mower
264 Wire 3 Shelf with Dividers Revolving Rack
265 Wire Shelf Dividers Revolving Rack
266 Adesco Steel Safe with Steel Plate Door
500 Antique Kellogg Crank Wall Phone
501 Pine Dry Sink Cabinet
502 Antique 4 Drawer Chest on Wheels
503 Antique Pine Trunk/Chest Hinged Lid
504 Glider Ottoman with Cushion (Pine)
505 High Back Rocking Chair
506 Herman Miller Office Chair
507 RTA Utility Cart
508 Three Shelf Utility Cart
509 RTA Double Door Armoire
510 4 Drawer Pine Chest
511 Dining Table & Chairs
512 Pine Country Buffet with Detached Hutch
513 RTA 4 Shelf Small Bookcase
514 RTA White 2 Door Utility Card on Wheels
515 Mid Century 6 Drawer with Mirror
516 Mid Century 4 Drawer Blonde Chest of Drawers
517 Four Drawer Dove Tail Vintage Dresser with Mirror
518 Vintage Four Post Double Bed
519 Vintage 1 Drawer with Cubby Below Night Stand
520 Wrought Iron & Hard Wood Small Table
521 Wrought Iron 2 Piece Table with Glass Tray
522 Unique Mid Century Half Circle Arm Chari High Back
523 Electric Grinder Mounted to White Bench
524 Pine Rocker with Gold Stenciled Accents
525 Nine Drawer Pine Small Chest
526 Slated Wooden Swivel Bar Stool
527 Antique Bentwood Round Back Oak Chair
528 Hand Crafted Pine Quilt Rack
529 Vintage Hardwood Magazine Rack
530 4 Shelf Pine Shelf 27″W x 14″D x 27″H
531 2 Mozaic Title Top Plant Stands – Wrought Iron
532 Workshop Storage 4 Drawer 37″W x 21″D x 38″H
533 Workshop Storage 4 Drawer 37″W x 21″D x 38″H
534 Metal Wire Plant Stand – 3 Shelf
535 Step Stool with Grab Bar
536 Collapsible Fold Up Step Stook with Chair
538 Vintage Hardwood Side Table with Beveled Edge
539 RTA Oak Cabinet/Pantry/Storage
540 MidCentury Doubled Bed
541 Rocker Recliner
542 Rocker Recliner
543 Two Drawer Side Table
544 3 Drawer End Table
545 Upholstered Dining Side Chair
546 Wood Two Door Cabinet with 1 Drawer Laminate Top
547 RTA Oak Microwave or Gourmet Cabinet
548 4 Drawer Narrow Cabinet
549 Double Door Hanging Cabinet with Side Shelves
550 Vintage Slat Back Chair
551 MidCentury Table
600 Maytag Performance Dishwasher (Portable)
601 Frigidare Gas Stove Model FF6F3011LWC
602 Kennmore Electric Dryer
603 Kenmore Washer
604 Amana Chest Freezer
605 Dehumidifier by Idylis
606 Electrolux Refrigerator
607 Quadra Fire Santa Fe Pellet Stove
608 GE Small Refrigerator
609 24 Count – 40 lb Bags of Hardwood Stove Pellets
610 24 Count – 40 lb Bags of Hardwood Stove Pellets
701 17 HP Simplicity Mower
702 17 HP Simplicity Mower
703 Snapper Snow Blower

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