1862 Bald Eagle Mountain Road
Mill Hall, PA 17751
1865 Bald Eagle Mountain Road Mill Hall PA 17751 - Real Estate Auction
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  • This Property will have Clear & Marketable Title at Closing.  WE DO NOT SELL ENCUMBERED PROPERTIES. 
  • Day of the Auction upon the Fall of the Hammer, the Winning Bidder becoming the Purchaser will make a deposit to be held in escrow in the amount of 15K with a personal, company/corporate check.
  • Purchaser(s) of real property will have 60 days to complete closing.
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A) No, you do not.  However, if you wish to have an Agent/Realtor represent you at this auction, you may.  If you have questions about Buyer Agent representation, contact us.  If you are represented by an Agent/Realtor, you must have the Agent/Realtor Contact Us and complete a Buyer Agent Registration Form.

Q) Can I have a mortgage?
A) Certainly!  VA & FHA loans welcome, contact a lender, see who offers the lowest rates, lowest or no points and no closing costs, no origination fees, etc.  Tell the lender you are looking to buy this property where you put down 15K that is held in escrow till closing asking what amount you qualify to borrow for a mortgage.  This way you can come to the sale knowing what you can afford to make the purchase.

Q) Can I have a home inspection or survey completed?
A) Absolutely!  Contact us to schedule before you bid.

Q. So what is the difference between the way you sell real estate and traditional private treaty sale?
A. The difference is the way the final price is realized.  We do not deal in speculation of value but rather the true market value.  Very simple, straightforward forward, easy to understand, and a clean transaction.  There are no contingencies of a person wanting this, that, or the next thing from the Seller.  It is not a matter of one offer from a buyer with one thing and another offer from another buyer with the next thing but rather, a level playing field for everyone who chooses to purchase this home.  Everything is straightforward and easy to understand. Real estate never sells for below or above market value but rather for true market value.  Just because one home that has the same neighborhood, has similar square feet, size lot, number of bedrooms, baths, etc. sold for one price doesn’t mean another should.

Q) Any suggestions of websites where I can find real estate information that is accurate and the best place to find a mortgage?
A) Do NOT use Zillow or Trulia – They are one and the same (Zillow purchased Trulia) & both of these websites exist to sell your information to Realtors & Lenders.  They do not publish accurate information about listings and do everything to entice you to give your information.  Unlike Zillow, Trulia & other websites, we RESPECT your privacy and NEVER sell or divulge your information! We welcome questions.  Contact Us!

Property Details & Photos

1865 Bald Eagle Mountain Road Mill Hall PA 17751

Whispering Pines: Where Dreams Take Root

A Symphony of Solitude
Trade the city’s relentless roar for a 12-acre refuge where mornings are greeted by a chorus of birds and the gentle cadence of a bubbling stream. This is where calm isn’t a luxury, but the everyday.

Nature’s Canvas, Painted Daily
Witness the serene ballet of deer meandering through the trees. Observe the brilliant tapestry of seasons changing, each day offering a fresh masterpiece right outside your window.

Retreat Yet Connected
Tucked away in nature’s embrace, yet never too isolated. Experience the best of both worlds – the hush of seclusion with essential amenities just a stone’s throw away.

Prime Location
Strategically positioned, you’re just 45 minutes from both the vibrant State College and the historic Williamsport.

On the Edge of Wilderness: The Hunter’s Eden
Your property isn’t just bordered by trees, but by the vast expanse of 2,500 acres of state game lands. This seamless extension into wild realms offers unparalleled opportunities for hunting excursions, wildlife spotting, and immersive nature experiences.  Just 15 minutes from the Susquehanna River and Sayers Dam.

Trailblazer’s Delight
Venture out on trails perfect for peaceful walks, thrilling ATV rides, or horseback adventures, or go and play around of golf at the Clinton County Golf Course.

Majestic Possibilities Await
It’s not just land, but a blank canvas awaiting your vision. Craft a cozy retreat, set up a bustling B&B, family, youth or corporate retreat, game day weekends or let the rich soil nurture your organic farming dreams. The horizon is only as limited as your imagination.

Nature’s Investment in Your Future
With ready-to-harvest timber, this isn’t just a home, but a budding opportunity. Capitalize on nature’s bounty and let your investment flourish

A Testament to Timeless Craftsmanship
The residence at Whispering Pines is a marvel, echoing tales of yesteryear through its meticulous construction. Every detail, every fixture blends the charm of the old with the comforts of the new, including a heated garage and basement plumed for an in-law apartment.  Both barns feature workshops upstairs and one with a working pit for working on automobiles or equipment.

Whispering Pines is more than just a property—it’s an experience, a lifestyle, a dream waiting to be realized. It beckons those who desire an authentic connection to nature while nurturing aspirations for the future. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a truly one-of-a-kind estate that offers an unmatched blend of nature, artistry, and limitless opportunities. Dive into a life where every day feels like a vacation and every moment brims with potential. Secure your piece of paradise now!

Terms & Conditions

Winning Bidder will make a 15K deposit held in escrow with closing in 60 days.  Note! This property will have a clear marketable title, no liens, no back taxes at closing. We do NOT sell encumbered Properties!

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1865 Bald Eagle Mountain Road Mill Hall PA 17751

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