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1045 Glenfield Road,
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1045 Glenfield Road, Sewickley, PA 15143
1045 Glenfield Road (Parcel ID: 511-C-60) 

Looking for a prime commercial property with great potential? Look no further than 1045 Glenfield Road in Sewickley, PA 15143. This property boasts an impressive 1.5 acres of land, providing ample space for your business needs. The Northern section of the property is zoned for commercial use, making it an ideal location for a new commercial building. Imagine the possibilities for your business with this prime location. But that’s not all – the Southern section of the property features a one-story building measuring 60FT x 15FT, which has great rental income potential of $450 per month. This space could be used as an office, retail space, or any other commercial use you can think of. With its prime location and potential for rental income, 1045 Glenfield Road is an investment opportunity not to be missed.

1045 Glenfield Road Sewickley PA 15143

1045 Glenfield Road Sewickley PA 15143

Real Estate Auction Parcel View 1405 Glenfield Road Sewickley PA 15143

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General Information & Common Questions

Important Facts To Know:

  • All Properties will have Clear & Marketable Title at Closing.  WE DO NOT SELL ENCUMBERED PROPERTIES. 
  • Day of the Auction upon the Fall of the Hammer, the Winning Bidder becoming the Purchaser will make a deposit to be held in escrow in the amount of 15K for each parcel purchased with a personal, company/corporate check or certified check.
  • Purchaser(s) of real property will have 50 days to complete closing.
  • Complete Bidder Terms. & Conditions will be provided to Registered Bidders – Register Now to avoid any delays.
  • Identification is required to receive a bid card day of the auction.
  • Unable to attend the auction?  No Problem!  Absentee Bidding and/or Phone Bidding is available – Contact Us for details.
  • The auction will begin at 10:30AM Saturday September 16 – Arrive early to register.


Q) Do I need an Agent/Realtor?
A) No, you do not. However, if you wish to have an Agent/Realtor represent you at this auction, you may.  If you have questions about Buyer Agent representation, contact us. If you are represented by an Agent/Realtor, you must have the Agent/Realtor Contact Us and complete a Buyer Agent Registration Form.

Q) Can I have a mortgage?
A) Certainly! VA & FHA loans welcome, contact a lender, see who offers the lowest rates, lowest or no points and no closing costs, no origination fees, etc. Tell the lender you are looking to buy this property where you put down 15K that is held in escrow till closing asking what amount you qualify to borrow for a mortgage. This way you can come to the sale knowing what you can afford to make the purchase.

Q) Can I have a home inspection or survey completed?
A) Absolutely! Contact us to schedule before you bid.

Q. So what is the difference between the way you sell real estate and traditional private treaty sale?
A. The difference is the way the final price is realized. We do not deal in speculation of value but rather the true market value. Very simple, straightforward forward, easy to understand, and a clean transaction. There are no contingencies of a person wanting this, that, or the next thing from the Seller. It is not a matter of one offer from a buyer with one thing and another offer from another buyer with the next thing but rather, a level playing field for everyone who chooses to purchase this home. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand. Real estate never sells for below or above market value but rather for true market value. Just because one home that has the same neighborhood, has similar square feet, size lot, number of bedrooms, baths, etc. sold for one price doesn’t mean another should.

Q) Any suggestions of websites where I can find real estate information that is accurate and the best place to find a mortgage?
A) Do NOT use Zillow or Trulia – They are one and the same (Zillow purchased Trulia) & both of these websites exist to sell your information to Realtors & Lenders. They do not publish accurate information about listings and do everything to entice you to give your information. Unlike Zillow, Trulia & other websites, we RESPECT your privacy and NEVER sell or divulge your information! We welcome questions. Contact Us!

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UPDATED! Current & Future Development of Properties

UPDATED Perspective on Developing These Properties

My name is Michael Ott. I am the executor of this estate and have real estate development experience. I wanted to share some perspective about developing these properties. They constitute the vast majority of the commercial zoning available in Sewickley Hills. My father had assembled them so that at some point he could do various projects or one larger project. Obviously, there is a lot of potential for multiple uses (including mixed uses) since these properties are adjacent to or nearby the I-79 Mt Nebo interchange. The properties have access to all public utilities except for public sewers. The ones with buildings have on-lot septic systems. You could continue with the online systems or if you are interested in developing some of the larger areas, then you could go with private or public sewage facilities.

We have already examined different options for public sewers. We looked at running the sewers to the Ohio Township Sanitary Authority facility located nearby on Red Mud Hollow Road. It is across Interstate 79, so we believe it would not be feasible cost-wise to either bore under I-79 or to run it under the bridge crossing over I-79. This is because, besides the cost of crossing I-79, it would require two large pump stations to provide enough lift. We also looked at running the sewers down Glenfield Road to connect to the Aleppo Township Sanitary Authority facilities. That could be a possibility, especially because the Aleppo Township Sanitary Authority has already done a study to determine how to tie in development from Glenfield Road. They are interested in working with whomever buys the parcels for development purposes, whether the developer is putting in their own treatment facility on one of the parcels (in which case the ATSA could maintain it) or the developer wants to work with the ATSA to extend their existing sewer facilities further up Glenfield Road to these parcels. Having a municipality involved would make sewer system permitting easier and faster.

I have personal experience with this because I developed the upscale residential development on McGee Road in Sewickley Hills known as The Woodlands. That development was 62 acres and has 2.5 to 10-acre lots with all public utilities. I had a sanitary treatment package plant installed for $65,000 and the lines and manholes to service the development for $90,000. That was for materials and labor. This was approximately 25 years ago, and it will certainly be more, but not many multiples more. The sanitary treatment plant would, of course, need to be sized to your development needs, but if you install an expandable one, you can grow the size (and investment) over time.

If you invest in a smaller property that doesn’t currently have an on-lot system, and you require septic facilities for your intended use, then your options are to (1) obtain a permit from the Allegheny County Health Department (in which case you need to have one main site and a back-up site approved per lot/property) or (2) work with the investor(s) who will be developing the larger parcel(s) and who will be installing or tying into public or private sanitary treatment facilities.

While I have the experience and expertise to develop these properties, I have decided that it is in the best interest of my maintaining family relationships to not pursue this path. However, I’m happy to provide guidance to others.



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